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Understanding the Mediation Process During a Divorce

divorce mediation san diego

Have you and your spouse decided to part ways? Getting a divorce is never easy, and the complicated litigation process can make it even more difficult. Even if the separation is amicable, the divorce process can be challenging, particularly when it comes to resolving disputes and reaching a fair settlement. Read more »

How to Prepare Yourself For San Diego Family Court

Attending your trial or hearing in a San Diego family court is going to be one of the critical parts of your divorce proceeding. How well you prepare for your trial or hearing will make a difference to your performance in the court and could have an impact on the Read more »

What Tech Workers Can Expect During a Divorce

tech worker divorce

Pursuing a career in the tech industry is a great way to live life on the cutting edge. Sadly, it can’t help you master relationships, and if yours is bound for a rocky landing, your profession might even make life harder. California’s tech field is unique among industries. Here’s Read more »

3 Reasons Not to Hide Your Assets in a Divorce

hiding assets during divorce

Sometimes, the omissions in a relationship are the most harmful transgressions of all. When spouses hide assets during divorce proceedings, their actions have consequences. Although they think they’ll benefit from their immoral behavior, marital fraudsters rarely emerge unscathed. Here are three perfect examples of why you’re better off following Read more »

Four Critical Facts About Vested vs Unvested Stocks and Your Divorce

vested shares during divorce

  Want your marital separation to go smoothly? Splitting vested shares during divorce is more complicated than most people think. Failing to master the nuances could stop you from making a clean, healthy break. Why should you familiarize yourself with the differences between vested and unvested stocks before moving Read more »

Luxury Cars and Divorce: What Happens Now?

luxury cars divorce

For some people, their car is part of their identity. You may drive a high-end performance car, or perhaps you invested a lot of time and effort into personalizing your car. However, what happens when you are divorcing your spouse? Does this marital move impact your car ownership? This Read more »

How the Right California Divorce Lawyer Makes a Difference

right california divorce lawyer

Your decision when picking an attorney can sometimes lead to either an outcome you are happy with or one that cripples you financially. Divorce can be a somber affair. Everything in your life will be affected by the decisions you make during a divorce, including your family, your emotions, Read more »

Protecting Your Assets in California Before and During a Divorce

protecting assets california divorce

California is a community property state. In a community property state, any property or debt acquired during the marriage belongs to both spouses equally. There are exceptions to this law, namely inheritances and personal gifts received during the marriage. If you utilize these funds separately to acquire property, then Read more »

California Divorce for Doctors 101: Everything You Need to Know

california divorce for doctors

Divorce is usually a very stressful and challenging time. For doctors, especially, a divorce is perhaps more draining due to keeping odd hours, tremendous responsibility, and the added emotional demands of treating patients. When facing a California divorce for doctors, you must have the best available legal advice. Make sure Read more »

Divorce in Rancho Santa Fe, California: A Relevant Guide

divorce rancho santa fe

Rancho Santa Fe is a favorite spot for celebrities and one of the best places to live in California, but it’s also one of the most difficult locations for going through a divorce. Due to the complexity of this situation, a Rancho Santa Fe divorce attorney is an absolute Read more »

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