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California family members that are involved in domestic violence need to obtain experienced legal representation to either pursue or defend against claims. At Neumann Family Law, APC, our San Diego domestic violence attorneys understand the deep impact that domestic violence can have upon the abused adult or child. Likewise, an innocent person may need to wage a defense against claims of domestic violence. In either case, it is essential to obtain an experienced domestic abuse attorney to stand up for your rights from the initial stages of your case to get prompt, satisfactory results.

San Diego and Domestic Violence

The California Family Code has included regulations about domestic violence as it may occur either within a marriage relationship, domestic partnership or other non-marital relationship. Taking action before serious harm occurs is the best course, no matter how distressing the situation may be. Domestic violence attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC have in-depth experience with all areas of California Family Code law. They can help you through an emotionally difficult experience like domestic violence because they understand the problems that can stand in the way of a solution. They know the court system and requirements of California law. For expert assistance in managing a domestic violence case, contact Neumann Family Law, APC for reliable, caring legal representation. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding Domestic Violence

  • Domestic abuse is not a simple matter to solve; it is important to trust your confidential problems to legal professionals who do care and who are willing to stand by your side throughout this painful period.
  • No one should suffer abuse at the hands of a loved one; the ramifications are life-long.
  • Our staff and attorneys stand with you to gain positive results in and out of the courtroom.

Family Law Applies to Domestic Violence Cases

The California Family Code details regulations in Division 10, Sections 6200-6409, applicable to domestic violence. This section is also known as the Domestic Violence Prevention Act.

  • Defines “abuse” as reckless or intentional acts of bodily injury, sexual assault, imminent danger, and other actions enjoined by Section 6320.
  • Contains definitions of other terms related to issues of domestic violence, such as affinity, cohabitant, dating relations and domestic violence, emergency protective order, and other terms used in domestic violence cases.
  • Defines the relationship between the act of domestic violence and parties that may be involved.

Testimonial from a Client

  • “Neumann Family Law, APC. I want to give you my heart-felt thanks for all the help you gave me throughout my restraining order/ divorce ordeal. Your competency seemed to be head and shoulders above any other lawyers I have worked with.  Your referral to another attorney on another matter was perfect.  I know I have been well served by you and your staff. Thanks for taking such personal interest in my case. It has been a tremendous pleasure to make your acquaintance.” K.J. Oceanside

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Domestic violence is an act that is against the law. If you are accused of committing domestic abuse or if you are the victim of domestic violence, it is essential to remedy that situation immediately, before serious harm is done. Get the legal representation you need and begin to recover from an untenable situation. Call one of the domestic violence attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC right now for your free telephone consultation: (619) 282-1107 or (760) 480-8400.

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