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What Tech Workers Can Expect During a Divorce

tech worker divorce

Pursuing a career in the tech industry is a great way to live life on the cutting edge. Sadly, it can’t help you master relationships, and if yours is bound for a rocky landing, your profession might even make life harder.

California’s tech field is unique among industries. Here’s everything this might mean for those getting divorced and why you need dependable legal advocacy.

Common Tech Industry Divorce Trials

The laws governing divorce for technology professionals are the same as those that apply to other Californians. As you zoom in on the circumstances of these separations, however, you’ll start to notice the unique hurdles they present.

Dividing Stocks, Equity Options and Other Benefits

tech worker divorceSkilled professionals are well-compensated for the tough tasks they tackle. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of stock options and other benefits among startups, many tech workers find themselves flush with equity going into their divorces. Unfortunately, it’s not always readily apparent which of these assets are community properties in need of division. The same can be said of things like pensions, IRAs and severance packages. Although these benefits make tech work an undoubtedly attractive prospect, they’re also harder to divide without legal expertise.

Relocating Internationally

Upward mobility and opportunity are defining aspects of the tech industry. Developers, project managers, web designers, and digital media specialists enjoy ample freedom to pursue career choices that were once afforded only to high-level execs. These kinds of moves can complicate life for divorcees, such as when someone decides to take their kids to a new state or country in pursuit of something better. Without appropriate planning, such transitions can throw lives into chaos — or even be outright barred by courts.

Arguing for Custody

tech worker divorceSeparations involving children are trying as it is, but tech workers might face even more treacherous paths than most. For instance, someone whose profession forces them to pull long hours at the office might have trouble convincing a judge that they took a significant role in child-rearing activities. Such considerations and historical parenting factors routinely come into play when determining what’s in a child’s interests.

Work-related Stress Factors

Research shows that workers, like software developers, are among the least likely population segments to get divorced. Nonetheless, those who do may discover that their careers only exacerbate stressful situations. It’s hard to reach amicable agreements when you have to work through a barrier of emotional distance and being devoted to your job doesn’t exactly help.

Improving the Divorce Experience for Techies

Although these unique challenges are nothing to sniff at, you can overcome them by exercising the full breadth of your legal options.    Parents have custodial rights even if they need to travel for work or work longer or odd hours.   You have to work with your legal counsel to find creative solutions that work within the legal system.   At minimum, you need to know what legal challenges you may face as a result of your employment. 

If you want to keep your career moving after a web developer divorce, you’ll need proper planning and straight forward counsel. Getting in touch with a reputable attorney is your best bet for an optimized divorce experience. At Neumann Family Law, APC, we excel at preparing our clients for the challenges they face, in addition to the challenges that lie ahead. To learn more, schedule a complimentary phone consultation with an attorney at Neumann Family Law, APC by calling (619) 343-2627 or completing our online contact form

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