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Many California children are legally cared for by guardians instead of parents, domestic partners or stepparents. Becoming a guardian means that you are responsible for providing adequate care and nurturing of the child in a positive environment. The court will investigate your background to verify there are no detrimental factors in your background, such as drug use or violence that could cause harm to the child. The legal process is very detailed, but Neumann Family Law, APC guardianship attorneys are experienced in helping potential guardians move successfully through these court proceedings.

Guardianship in San Diego

The California Family Code addresses all issues and matters that involve children in the family. In matters like guardianship, the court always must place the best interests of the child at the forefront of any decision regarding custody.  There are specific rules to follow; guardianship attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC are well-experienced in all aspects of guardianship and child custody law. They can help you obtain answers quickly and resolve issues presented by the court. They understand the importance of establishing guardianship to benefit the child and thoroughly know what is required by California Family Code law. For expert assistance in guardianship matters, call upon caring guardianship attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC:

  • Our legal professionals care and will work diligently to help your family manage delicate family matters like guardianship.
  • They take an interest in your case and work hard on your behalf and to protect children.
  • Our staff and attorneys are experienced at winning cases in and out of the courtroom.

Family Law and Guardianship Cases

According to the California Family Code in Chapter 5, Section 3040-3049, rules of guardianship:

  • 3040 (a) (3) – Custody may be granted to those deemed suitable by the court
  • Guardians must be able to provide care and guidance
  • The court works with the family on parenting plans
  • The best interest of the child is always top priority
  • The court alone decides in cases where parental custody is found to be detrimental to the child
  • 3042 (a) – The child, especially over age 14, may be allowed to address the court and state preferences
  • 3041-5 (a) – Drug testing may be required

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