Understanding the Mediation Process During a Divorce

divorce mediation san diego

Have you and your spouse decided to part ways? Getting a divorce is never easy, and the complicated litigation process can make it even more difficult. Even if the separation is amicable, the divorce process can be challenging, particularly when it comes to resolving disputes and reaching a fair settlement. Read more »

How Does Child Custody Work in California?

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One of the complex and emotionally challenging issues in a divorce is child custody. The stakes are high, and you should choose an experienced California child custody attorney to ensure the best possible outcome through an agreement with the co-parent, which will then have to be approved by the court.  Read more »

Understanding California’s Child Support Laws

child support attorney

Child support in California is an order from the court that requires a non-custodial parent to pay a certain amount every month as their contribution towards their child’s upbringing. You should consult with a knowledgeable San Diego child support attorney who can explain the specific guidelines provided under California Read more »

How a San Diego Family Attorney Can Help You File a California Domestic Violence Injunction

The Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA) in California defines domestic violence as actual or threatened abuse that you may suffer from an individual who is closely related to you. It is important that you look for a “domestic family lawyer near me” who can help you and your children obtain Read more »

3 Tips For Men Facing a California Divorce

Men often worry in a divorce whether the law protects fathers’ rights in California on par with the mother. But the truth is that stereotypes such as a man is the primary earning member of the family while a woman provides care and attention to the children are no longer Read more »

5 Steps to Prepare For a Contentious San Diego Divorce

If ending your marriage is inevitable, an ideal situation would be to have an amicable divorce for the sake of both spouses as well as children, if any. However, if you believe you are heading towards a contentious divorce, it is prudent to be well-prepared for the court proceedings. Make Read more »

High Earner? Is Your Child Support Fair?

California has standard guidelines in place to calculate the child support amount in a divorce case. Under the state law, the guideline formula is considered correct presumptively. But in exceptional cases (such as where the paying parent is a high earner), the family court can deviate from the guideline to Read more »

How to Prepare Yourself For San Diego Family Court

Attending your trial or hearing in a San Diego family court is going to be one of the critical parts of your divorce proceeding. How well you prepare for your trial or hearing will make a difference to your performance in the court and could have an impact on the Read more »

What Tech Workers Can Expect During a Divorce

tech worker divorce

Pursuing a career in the tech industry is a great way to live life on the cutting edge. Sadly, it can’t help you master relationships, and if yours is bound for a rocky landing, your profession might even make life harder. California’s tech field is unique among industries. Here’s Read more »

3 Reasons Not to Hide Your Assets in a Divorce

hiding assets during divorce

Sometimes, the omissions in a relationship are the most harmful transgressions of all. When spouses hide assets during divorce proceedings, their actions have consequences. Although they think they’ll benefit from their immoral behavior, marital fraudsters rarely emerge unscathed. Here are three perfect examples of why you’re better off following Read more »


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