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Many clients come to us because their former attorneys were unable to get the results that were desired or intended. At Neumann Family Law, APC, we leverage our more than 75-plus years of combined experience to empower our clients. Our child support lawyers listen to you. Neumann Family Law, APC fights for your rights in court. We take charge of the case and offer aggressive, client-focused representation. For a complimentary telephone consultation with a Neumann Family Law, APC San Diego child support attorney, please call us at (619) 282-1107, or (760) 480-8400.

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Child support is the term that is used to describe the payments that are made by a parent for the day to day care and expenses of a minor child. While child support is generally paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent, in some instances payment is made to a guardian or other caregiver. A separated parent must approach the court and request an order for child support, as well as an order to establish parentage, in order to initiate the child support process. Our San Diego child support attorneys have handled hundreds of these types of cases and are standing by to answer any questions you may have. No matter the time, no matter the request, our child support lawyers will assist you every step of the way—from beginning to end.

  • Support is normally paid until the child reaches the age of 18, unless the child is unmarried and still enrolled in high school full time. In this case, support continues until the age of 19 or until high school graduation, whichever comes first.
  • Parents are released from the obligation of paying child support to emancipated minors.
  • Child Support may be available for a disabled child after the age of 18

Determining Child Support in California

California has established a formula to calculate the child support of minor children. The formula is often considered difficult and confusing. California uses a software program for the determination of child support. The amount is based on a combination of factors, including:

  • Parent’s income
  • Amount of time each parent spends with the child
  • Each parent’s available tax deductions

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There are instances when the standard formula may not apply. In these cases it is essential for you to have the guidance and advocacy that you need to protect your rights. Our child support lawyers will provide the representation that you need in these matters. 

When you call us, you speak to a real experienced San Diego child support attorney. Ready for your free consultation with a real San Diego child support lawyer? Call us at (619) 282-1107 or (760) 480-8400 for a free consultation. 

For more information on child support visit our child support FAQs here!

Testimonial From a Client

  • Tara Yelman is a Godsend.   I had been representing myself in my child support case and was so frustrated with the entire process that I decided to hire an attorney.  My ex, a practicing attorney, owed years of child support and dragged the case out for over a year by asking for continuances. With Ms. Yelman’s help, the continuances stopped and at the first court hearing I was awarded 100% of the unpaid child support.  Ms. Yelman and her staff were amazing. They worked as a team to make sure we were prepared for the court hearing.  They know the law and are very professional.  They did such a great job that I have retained them to represent me in my next case.  She came highly recommended to me . . .”  C.W. Encinitas
  • “Sara Neumann was instrumental in her relentless effort to fight for the betterment of my son and I. After many rational and reasonable efforts were facilitated and attempted by Sara to negotiate support payments out of court, opposing counsel would not settle. Mrs. Neumann researched and built compelling case arguments and evidence for our hearing. Her commanding presence and eloquent delivery of facts in the court room yielded a verdict in our favor. This was only possible by her dedicated efforts to fight for what is just. I highly recommend Sara Neumann.” E.H. San Diego, CA
  • “In compliance with federal guidelines, California, like every state, has a child support enforcement program. A separated parent must approach the court and request an order for child support. The parent must also request a court order to establish parentage if the child is not a child of the marriage.  When parties don’t come to their own agreement, the determination of child support can be a complicated issue, often subject to conflict. You and your entire staff are the dream team and I am thankful for all you do!! Thanks to every one of you!!” – C.O

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