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Many California families in turmoil are turning to mediation as an efficient method for settling divorce and child custody issues and as a way to reduce process time and costs. As with any important legal matter, it is highly advisable to obtain the services of a caring San Diego Divorce law firm to help represent your best interests. Our skilled mediation attorneys are familiar with all recent amendments to mediation laws and are ready to work hard by your side in mediation conferences to help you gain the rights you seek.

San Diego Mediation

The California Family Code includes guidance and regulations for family matters such as domestic partnership, marriage, separation, divorce, child issues and related matters such as mediation.Neumann Family Law, APC mediation attorneys are experienced with procedural requirements for these agreement consultations, and they are up-to-date on all recent amendments that affect mediation. It is possible to come to an amicable agreement during mediation that works for all parties, but your best move is to be sure you have reliable legal representation throughout that process.

  • Legal matters relating to the family and children are not lightweight issues; entrust your fate to legal professionals who care and who are willing to stand strong to help your family manage emotionally charged and delicate issues.
  • Don’t let paperwork get in your way; turn to your san diego mediation attorney to do it right the first time.
  • Our staff and attorneys care and will work hard on your behalf for satisfactory results in and out of the courtroom.

Family Law Applies to Mediation Cases:

The California Family Code provides, in Sections 3160-3188, regulation of issues related to mediation:

  • Mediation talks are supposed to be conducted by a neutral party.
  • Mediation consultations are confidential.
  • Establishes rules for evidence, disclosure and agreements used or reached during mediation consultations.
  • (3161) The goal of mediation is to reduce acrimony between parties and to reach agreements in best interest of the children, for purposes of maintaining good relationships between both parents and children.
  • Mediation can address all issues of custody, visitation and visitation.


  • “. . . Neumann Family Law, APC. . .laid out my options . . . and proposed a plan of action.  Going into my mediation session, Ms. Yelman provided me excellent advice, talking points, and coaching; these were effective in getting the settlement that I wanted.  Ms. Yelman’s tenacity, diligence, and cooperative approach are the main reasons why I now have the arrangement that I wanted.”   D.T. San Diego
  • “I was impressed with how Mr. Kim handled my divorce.  He listened to my concerns . . .and consistently provided advice that could only come from his experience and understanding of my situation.  In short, he was instrumental in helping me to successfully resolve an extremely contentious case prior to trial, saving countless hours and untold expense.”  T. S. San Diego

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Mediation is an important legal procedure with long-lasting results that will affect family relationships. Get proper legal assistance you deserve to ensure that all your rights are upheld during mediation and to help gain the end results you seek. Call today; concerned mediation attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC are available now for your free telephone consultation: (619) 282-1107 or (760) 480-8400.

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