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The family court seeks to establish and maintain frequent and continuing contact with both parents unless it is detrimental to the best interests of the children. Reasons may include child abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence or factors that place the child in present or potential danger. One parent to be granted primary physical custody of the children and the non-custodial parent granted visitation rights. A meeting with Family Court Services will be necessary in an attempt to come to an agreed parenting plan. The next step is mediation; the court often follows the recommendation of the mediator. Neumann Family Law, APC are family and divorce lawyers in San Diego who have a successful track record helping families in matters pertaining to child visitation and child custody.

Developing an Effective Parenting Program

A parenting program will specify the days and time that each parent spends with the children. A successful parenting program will generally be a result of the parent’s willingness to be open and to sacrifice their priorities for the children’s. Often, sacrifices must be made and the parent’s lives and schedules must be adapted to the children’s schedules. That said, once a schedule is created and adhered to, regularity is established and with that comes a sense of accomplishment and the ability for each family member to proceed in their individual lives.

  • The separated or divorced parents are often surprised at how adhering to the parenting schedule establishes a sense of order and well-being for all involved. When parents and children have this order in their lives it very often establishes a sense of security and relief that was previously absent.

Visitation Rights May be Granted to Non-Parents

Visitation rights may be extended to persons other than the parents if the court agrees that they have a substantial interest in the welfare of the children; they do not have to be related by blood. Visitation rights in certain circumstances may be granted to:

  • Stepparents
  • Grandparents
  • Foster parents
  • Others – ask your attorney

In many families children have been raised in part or whole by persons other than the parents. The court will be open to establishing visitation privileges to those parties who have a substantial, authentic and legitimate relationship with the children.

Client Testimonials

  • “I retained Neumann Family Law, APC to represent me in a difficult child custody/visitation dispute with my former spouse . . . Ms. Yelman was retained and immediately got up to speed on the ongoing case. She advised me of my rights and the ramifications, both positive and negative, of moving forward with different strategies in my matter. I was kept up to date on the progress of my case and found Ms. Yelman’s staff to be very responsive to my calls and questions… I was very happy with the representation received and would not hesitate to recommend this firm.” G.B. San Diego, CA.
  • “I am thankful to have the opportunity to tell others what a competent attorney Sara Neumann is.   Ms. Neumann met with me regarding a very difficult custody schedule that was hurtful to my son.  She listened to all the details of the case which had been going on for several years and involved international travel and custody schedules between states.   I left her office feeling extremely confident that I had chosen the right attorney for the job.   She understood the situation from the start and she worked hard to accomplish the goal . . . My son has a much better schedule now and a more positive outlook on life.   I feel confident knowing that Ms. Neumann will be right there if I need her again.”   L.A. La Jolla
  • “I was extremely fortunate to secure the services of Tara Yelman and her team of associates in addressing my ongoing legal needs in matters of custodial time, child support and other related post-divorce concerns. … She was able to uncover errors in custodial time calculations made in a previous judgment, and was able to craft compelling arguments to support an appropriate child support level….”  D.L. San Diego

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