How to Prepare Yourself For San Diego Family Court

Attending your trial or hearing in a San Diego family court is going to be one of the critical parts of your divorce proceeding. How well you prepare for your trial or hearing will make a difference to your performance in the court and could have an impact on the outcome of your family law San Diego case. 

Go by Your Lawyer’s Advice 

A divorce proceeding can be painful and you may feel anger against your ex-spouse and blame them for your situation. But do not try to use your day in San Diego family court to get back at them. Any emotional outburst in the court will most likely backfire and make you look bad. Follow the professional advice of your San Diego family law attorney about how to behave in court.

Your lawyer will help you stay focused on your goals and will help you prepare for your day in court. Legal professionals are trained to remain dispassionate and objective even in the most provoking circumstances. Your attorney will ensure that you know and understand your clear position on the factual and legal issues of your divorce case as well as have a fair knowledge of the state laws that may apply to your case.

Prior to Your Trial or Hearing 

Before your divorce case goes to trial in a San Diego family court, make sure that your lawyer has accomplished the following: 

  • Obtained all necessary documents (through discovery or otherwise) that you will need in the court. 
  • Made a full disclosure of the required documents as well as witnesses to the other party as per the applicable rules in your case.
  • Identified your witnesses and made sure of how they will testify. 
  • Followed the judge’s orders that may require you to furnish documents, such as trial briefs, witness disclosures, etc.

Personal Preparation for the Trial or Hearing

You can follow these tips related to your family law San Diego trial or hearing: 

  • Review the court papers related to your case and remind yourself of what your legal position is, and how your ex-spouse has responded to it. 
  • If you may be required to make a statement in court, prepare it with the help of your San Diego family law attorney and practice it at home. 
  • If you feel unsure or unclear about any points that your lawyer has advised you on, feel free to ask them again. 
  • Organize childcare in advance for your day in court (unless in an exceptional situation your child is required to be present in court).

If the judge asks you questions, answer them directly and truthfully. If the judge interrupts when you are speaking, stop immediately. Do not interrupt the judge or the other party when they are speaking. Do not argue and wait for your turn to counter them or to explain your own side. 

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