Proven In Our Field Of Divorce/Family Law Recognized By Our Peers


Results That Far Exceeded My Expectations

“Dealing with Family Law issues by yourself can be intimidating and confusing. It is great to know that this firm has staff that is knowledgeable and commits the necessary resources to help guide Fathers through the process. I worked with Sara Neumann diligently for 6 months and achieved results that far exceeded my expectations . . . I would highly recommend the firm.”

E. C. Chula Vista CA

Professional and Competent

“Sara Neumann handled my case in a very professional and competent manner . . . Her knowledge of family law and her negotiations with the opposing party were clear and effective. My divorce was ugly, to say the least.. I was highly satisfied with the result. I have referred several friends to Ms. Neumann, all of whom have been pleased with her service.”

M. H. La Mesa, California

I Spoke With Several Attorneys And Knew Immediately She Was The Right One

“.I spoke with several potential attorneys at law and immediately knew Jen was the best fit to represent me. Jennifer Murdock is passionate, thorough, brilliant and leaves no stone left unturned!. . .She helped me achieve everything I set out to and more. I can’t recommend her enough. . . .”

B. San Diego

Sara Neumann The First Attorney Who “Got It.”

“Sara Neumann is the first Attorney that actually "got it." She understands the nuances of my situation and I feel like she cares.  My post-divorce life would have had far less issues if Ms. Neumann had been my Attorney from the beginning.”

R.F. Escondido, CA

Confident I Chose the Right Attorney

“I am thankful to have the opportunity to tell others what a competent attorney Sara Neumann is . . She listened to all the details of the case which had been going on for years and involved international travel and custody. I left her office feeling confident I had chosen the right attorney. . . My son has a much better schedule now and a more positive outlook on life . .”   

L.A. La Jolla

Saw Her in Court and Knew I Needed Her

“I was fortunate enough to see Jennifer Murdock in action at a previous court case representing a client of hers and knew right away I needed to contact her in hopes she would also help me . . .. . . My only regret is not meeting Jennifer Murdock sooner. I would highly recommend her as an attorney! I've already referred her to a couple of my closest friends . . .”

T.A. San Diego

Outstanding Work, Second to None. Stepparent Adoption

“My wife and I would like to say thank you Sara Neumann for the outstanding work you did for us. Words cannot give our appreciation justice . . . Your service and knowledge was second to none and you made the process very easy to deal with when we were nervous. . .We will proudly recommend you and your firm to anyone we know who may be in need of legal assistance . . .”

D.D. San Diego

Sara I Will Always Remember You

“Sara is a sharp, compassionate professional who knows her skill beyond the usual. I recommend her for your family law needs. She is also humorous with grace and dignity--which was much appreciated through the trying times I experience during my divorce and child support & custody proceedings. Thank you Sara. I will always remember you.”

T.S. of San Diego

Will Fight For Her Clients’ Rights

“Estela De Orduna is an excellent attorney. I have had the pleasure of working with and witnessing Estela's passion for her clients first hand. Estela is honest with her clients, and will fight for her clients' rights. She is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to talk to - I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs a family law attorney . . .

K. T. San Diego

Grasp of Family Law is Expansive

"Estela De Orduna is assertive without being rude or demeaning to the other party. She respectfully, but passionately, addresses the judge. Her ability to advocate and champion the position of her client is impressive, and her grasp of family law is expansive. I lean on her whenever I cannot make a court appearance, and I send anyone in the midst of a time-sensitive high-conflict divorce or custody dispute to her readily."

Co-Counsel A.H. San Diego

Nothing Short Of Amazing

“Let me just start by saying I would highly recommend Neumann Family Law. We have been working with Jennifer Murdock for the last 6 months and she has been nothing short of amazing! She is very knowledgeable, responsive and sensitive to our needs. She has helped us work through a very complicated and contentious case and has been absolutely unflappable . . .We are so incredibly grateful to her and Neumann Family Law.

S.P San Diego

Father’s Rights – An Amazing Attorney

“ . . . I was concerned being a Father that the court would not want to place the children in my care and leave the children with their Mother. Sara reassured me that the court system has changed and Fathers rights are really taken into consideration . . . I truly believe to this day that because of Sara’s expertise, knowledge and patience I was able to get what I requested. I will continue to use Sara Neumann . . .She will fight for your children.”

J.H. San Diego

She Took Amazing Care of Clients

I referred Estela De Orduna to a client, and she took amazing care of them. She is very involved with a client I referred to her who is bilingual and helped with a divorce. She was very prompt in responding to emails and calls. She is very experienced and has a good understanding of the law and issues that my client needed assistance with for their divorce . . .my clients were very happy with her services.

A. San Diego

As The Grandmother, I Am Grateful Beyond Measure

“My family is forever indebted to Attorney Jennifer Murdock. My daughter was in a difficult, intimidating relationship with the father of her children . . .Attorney Murdock was a passionate advocate, and skilled professional! . . . just today the judge signed off entirely in my daughter's favor . . .My daughter said she knew Ms. Murdock was the right advocate during their first phone call. As the grandmother of these precious boys, I am grateful beyond measure.”

A.S. San Diego

Recommended For Complex Family Law Representation

“I went through a "very challenging" divorce with 4 children that kept me in court for a decade on and off. I used another firm with two different lawyers and was able to measure how effective they were as compared with Sara Neumann. Without hesitation, I can say Sara and her team were twice as effective at half the cost . . .She protected me as a client but was always rational about the options. . . I highly recommend them for complex family law representation.”

C.Y. of Las Vegas

Professional Representation With A Personal Touch

“I was married for eight years. . .I told her that we could use her lawyer to help mediate our divorce, so we could avoid the huge costs. . . Sara Neumann told me that she thought the MSA was inappropriate and that my ex-wife’s attorney left much of it unclear. She also told me that she could represent me and add clarity to the document, while making it fair for both of us . . . [she] represented me in a professional manner, yet with a personal touch . . .”

N.G. Capitola, CA

She Was The Right Person To Represent Us

“Ms. De Orduna was responsive and knowledgeable. We were very concerned prior to speaking with her as we haven't had much luck in resolving this issue in the past. She was compassionate and determined and I knew she was the right person to represent us. I highly recommend Estela De Orduna at Neumann Family Law.”

B. San Diego

I Began My Journey Broken And Ended With My Head Held High

“A few months into my separation and divorce I realized I needed help navigating the entire process of divorcing . . . Jennifer Murdock entered my life and was able to guide me through every step of the process . . .She made an impossible situation seem possible . . . I began my journey with her completely broken and overwhelmed by my situation and ended it with my head held high and my dignity back. I would highly recommend her . . . 

J.J. San Diego

Sara Neumann Gave Me My Life Back With Her Tenacity And Skill

“There are simply not enough words to express my indebtedness to Sara Neumann for giving me my life back . . I absolutely felt safe and protected for the first time in years . . .Ms. Neumann's expertise and respected reputation was evident in how she was received by her peers and ultimately our judge as well . . .Sara MADE the court hear the truth because of her tenacity and penchant for the truth! . . .”

L.G. of San Diego

Worked Out An Amicable Agreement

“I referred Estela to my brother who was going through a divorce. She was able to work with my brother and his ex-wife to work out an amicable agreement. The cost was affordable and it was lightning fast. My brother is [happy] with the results and I am so happy to have someone like her that I can refer to my friends and family.

B. San Diego

Professional, Compassionate. We Were Supported, Heard

“My husband and I appreciated having the opportunity to work with Jennifer Murdock on an arduous high-conflict case . . .It is rare to find an attorney who will listen to what you have to say and who will work collaboratively to navigate the stressors these cases often bring. We felt supported, heard, understood, and valued by Jennifer . . .We highly recommend this law firm to help you navigate your family law matter. 

K.R. San Diego

Couldn’t Have Done Our Stepparent Adoption Without Sara

“My family and I are so happy we chose Sara Neuman for our stepparent adoption. She went above and beyond to make sure that our adoption went smoothly. From the moment we walked into her office she made us feel relaxed and she focused on our family's needs. She even showed us ways to save money! we are so grateful to have met Sara and we know we couldn't have done this without her!”

A.L. of Chula Vista

Estela Has Been Above Exceptional

“Estela, has been above exceptional with my divorce case. She has been very determined to make sure I'm treated fairly and has gone beyond the call of duty many times to ensure I'm getting the best representation for my situation. I highly recommend using her for any of your family law matters.”

Anonymous, San Diego

Heaven Sent, Handled All My Concerns

“Jennifer M. Murdock was my attorney at Neumann Family Law. She was a true blessing to me. Jennifer handled all my concerns and business-related divorce matters . . Jennifer went far and beyond on my behalf to represent me and defend my domestic community property assets . . . I truly recommend Jennifer and her law firm based on what they have done for me. As I said, she was truly Heaven-sent.”

S.P. of San Diego

Sara Neumann Is An Amazing Attorney

“. . . Sara's understanding of California law and her exceptional courtroom skills resulted in the court setting the separation year as the time we started living in separate rooms instead of they year I filed for divorce . . .Sara fought hard for me during the discovery phase of the case in limiting what was appropriate. . . Sara was relentless in reining them in and sticking to the facts of the original settlement and California law . . . Sara Neumann is an amazing lawyer.”

B.K. of Omaha

So Grateful….Positive Impact On My Life

“I truly want to thank Jennifer Murdock, she was absolutely AMAZING! I am so incredibly grateful to have her as my attorney! Jennifer was on it, and she made every possible argument. She did not let the other party get away with ANYTHING! . . . Jennifer’s representation had a major positive impact in our lives . . . I could not have made it through the trial without her! . . .”

K.S. of San Diego

Saved Me Money, Time, And Heartache

“I was served an emergency ex parte, and Sara Neumann was able to help me on very short notice. She offered a solution that saved me money, time, and heartache. She is relatable and empathetic, and puts the child first. I highly recommend her.”

D.L. Oceanside

Great Divorce Lawyer – Very Thorough

“Great Divorce/family lawyer! Ms. Estela De Orduna, helped me with my divorce and was very thorough with my case. She was very understanding as well as professional. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!” You can contact Estela De Orduna at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C.

E. San Diego

The Best Attorney Our Family Has Ever Had

“Jennifer Murdock is an outstanding attorney, she represented my daughter in child custody and child support legal cases. Jennifer won on both cases with a generous child support and full legal and primary physical custody for my daughter. Jennifer is highly intelligent, super competent, and completely committed to her clients. . . . I will be forever grateful . . .I highly recommend Jennifer Murdock . . .she is the best attorney our family has ever had . . ..”

L.M. of San Diego

Sara Was Competent And Prepared Me For Trial

“When Sara Neumann took over a very complicated and sticky case, she was able to get immediate sanctions to help the 3-year old case move forward. While no one wants to go to trial, we were unable to avoid it. Sara was very competent and prepared me for a full day of testimony. The outcome was fair. If you are looking for an attorney is both competent and reasonably priced, I highly recommend Sara Neumann.”

Estate of H., Oregon


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Sara R. Neumann, CFLS

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Certified Family Law Specialist CFLS

Jennifer M. Murdock, Esq.

Senior Attorney
10+ Years Of Divorce
Litigation Experience

Svetlana Couture, Esq.

Senior Attorney
25+ Years Of Divorce
Litigation Experience

Estela De Orduna, Esq

Senior Attorney
16+ Years Of Divorce
Litigation Experience

Mercedes Castro, Esq

Associate Attorney
4+ Years Of Divorce








As divorce attorneys, it is our job to guide one or both parties through the process of separation and divorce, including addressing the issues of characterization and division of property, child custody, and visitation, as well as support. We understand that this is a particularly difficult time in anyone’s life so we address each client with respect, an open ear, and understanding.


Our San Diego child support attorneys have handled hundreds of these types of cases and are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Our child support lawyers will assist you every step of the way—from beginning to end—to ensure the issues of child support are properly addressed.



Our San Diego spousal support attorneys are available to answer your questions related to your need for spousal support, or your responsibility to pay spousal support. Since every marriage is unique, the answer to spousal support is not the same. Whether you are seeking spousal support or need a modification, or termination, of spousal support our San Diego spousal support attorneys are available to ensure the issue is properly addressed.



Your child custody attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. will sit down with you and help you navigate what is likely the most sensitive and impactful issue in a dissolution or parentage proceeding. With significant experience in these matters, we will fight for you and your children while still making a concerted effort to avoid litigation. Whether you are seeking custody or a modification of custody, our attorneys can make a difference.



We understand that child visitation issues are amongst the most sensitive and important issues that arise in separation, parentage, and divorce proceedings. The attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. are knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive lawyers who take your case to heart and fight on your behalf to protect your children and your relationship with your children.



A move-away request is one of the most intensely litigated and difficult decisions for a court. Having experienced and knowledgeable representation is key. Get the legal assistance you need in a timely manner when a move is expected or when defending against a noticed move.



High asset cases bring particular challenges when spouses seek a division of community and separate property interests. Cases involving large estates with businesses and numerous assets require specific experience and skill. The attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. are ready to guide you through this process to protect your interests in the community or your separate estate.



The California Family Code details the how-when-why of making post-judgment modifications, the time limits involved, and restrictions for making changes. Whether it is a post-judgment modification of custody, visitation, support, or any other matter, the well-experienced post-judgment attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.PC. are here to guide you through that process.



In many circumstances, one or more businesses exist in which the community has an interest. Having experienced counsel is key as typically the business, large or small, may be managed and operated mostly by one spouse, or a few partners. The attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. have experience protecting your interest in a community, or separately, owned business entity that existed and grew during the marriage. Call today for a confidential consultation.



Retirement assets may take various forms and as such, having experienced counsel to address the division of retirement assets is crucial. Whether traditional retirement assets or company-provided retirement assets, the attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. will protect your rights and community interest in these assets.



Property in existence prior to marriage or acquired by gift or inheritance during the marriage is typically separate property. You want to be sure your separate property is not divided in dissolution, or if the community has an interest in your separate property, that the valuation of that community interest is proper. Having experienced counsel to address these issues is essential. Call today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys on this issue.



In many divorce cases, the marital residence is often the most valuable community property asset.  As well, the mortgage is often the greatest community property liability. Navigating who keeps the home, or how, or when, the home is sold can be complex. The attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. can help protect your rights with regard to marital residence and these related issues.



Many stepfamilies in California enjoy enhanced peace of mind and closer personal bonding when they go through the legal process of stepparent adoption. At Neumann Family Law, A.P.C., our San Diego stepparent adoption attorneys understand the immense satisfaction that comes when stepparents take legal action to adopt the child of their spouse or domestic partner.



The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, or UCCJEA, was created to establish uniformity in the way that custody, visitation, and enforcement issues are treated by courts throughout the states. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, or UIFSA, was created to establish uniformity in the way child support is treated by courts throughout the states. Navigating the complexities of these acts is best served with experienced representation. Call today for your complimentary consultation.


An annulment has the effect of invalidating a marriage or domestic partnership. An annulment then has far-reaching implications with regard to property and assets acquired during the marriage and spousal support. Whether you are seeking an annulment or defending against a request for an annulment, competent counsel in this area is vital. Call Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. to speak with one of our experienced attorneys regarding annulments today



Many California families in turmoil turn to mediation as an efficient method for settling their divorce and child-related issues to reduce costs, and the conflict, for the benefit of the parties and their children. Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. offers mediation services to you and your spouse, or other parent, to help mediate an amicable agreement to end the conflict.



Paternity issues can be emotionally and financially difficult. Whether you are seeking to prove parentage, have parentage denied, or have visitation modified, the experienced attorneys at Neumann Family Law A.P.C. are available to protect your rights as a Father or Mother. Call today for your complimentary consultation.



Family members involved in domestic violence need experienced legal representation to pursue or defend, such claims. At Neumann Family Law, A.P.C., our San Diego domestic violence attorneys understand the deep impact that domestic violence can have on an abused adult or child. Likewise, an innocent person may need to wage a defense against claims of domestic violence that can have a detrimental impact on their relationship with their child(ren). In either case, an experienced attorney to represent you is essential.


If you are looking for a law firm dedicated to protecting you, your family and your future, look no further than Neumann Family Law, A.P.C., San Diego’s Premier Family Law Attorneys. The firm has built a strong reputation on its experience and skill handling California Divorce, High Asset Property Divisions, Child Custody and Visitation; Child and Spousal Support; Division of Community Property (including businesses); protection of Separate Property; and interstate matters. Our attorneys are experienced, highly effective and compassionate San Diego family law practitioners who vigorously protect the rights of our clients. The San Diego divorce attorneys at Neumann Family Law, A.P.C. are confident, articulate and aggressive advocates who genuinely care about our clients. We are known for our hands-on approach and our meticulous attention to detail.

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