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Families in California who are enduring an emotionally charged period of parental separation or divorce should know what rights they have in California.Neumann Family Law, APC San Diego Father’s Rights and Mother’s Rights attorneys are caring professionals who are skilled at guiding parents through the legal processes involved in separation, divorce, mediation and support processes. They will be a strong source of support for distressed parents who need to secure each parent’s rights.

Father’s Rights and Mother’s Rights in San Diego

Issues related to father’s rights and mother’s rights are included within the California Family Code. Natural birth parents, stepparents, domestic partners and guardians all have unique rights under the Code. Our attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC are experienced in all aspects of parental rights in San Diego; you would benefit from getting assistance from these highly skilled attorneys as you go through difficult times and want to protect all your rights.

  • Our legal professionals care about clients, and they will work hard to help you manage family transitions.
  • Parental rights are always an important issue that sometimes needs legal reinforcement to assure that father’s rights and mother’s rights are upheld by all.
  • Our staff and attorneys represent you on all parental rights issues and are eager to achieve winning results for your side in and out of the courtroom.

California Family Code

The California Family Code provides, in Division 12, rules , sections 7500-7730 define legal issues of parental rights, child support, visitation and custody. These can become even more difficult issues due to non-marital unions, when children are born out of wedlock, or there has been an adoption, guardianship, or stepparent arrangement.  Domestic partners may also encounter rights issues if their partnership dissolves.   Add to that cases of questionable paternity, abuse or violence and many situations definitely require legal assistance to be resolved properly.

  • (7600) Defines parent-child relationship for legal purposes and disposition of related expenses.
  • (7660-7670) Adoption or relinquishment of parental rights.
  • The court upholds parental rights as long as there is no evidence of abuse or violence.
  • The court acts in the best interest of the child over parental rights as needed.
  • DNA testing may be required to establish paternity.


  •  “My ex-wife and I divorced about 4 years ago and moved away to another county, the verbal agreement that she and I had was that the kids would come and live with me once my oldest was ready for Middle School.   Long story short, she conveniently forgot about the agreement.   Sara Neumann was referred to me as an amazing attorney, after consulting with her over the phone I knew that I had to meet with her . . . I was concerned being a Father that the court would not want to place the children in my care and leave the children with their Mother.   Sara reassured me that the court system has changed and Fathers rights are really taken into consideration.  We met with her in October, filed paper work in November, had a court hearing set for January, and by June after a difficult fight I was able to have my children during the school week.  I truly believe to this day that because of Sara’s expertise, knowledge and patience I was able to get what I requested.  I will continue to use Sara Neumann as my attorney and highly recommend her. She will fight for your children.” J.H. San Diego
  • “Thank you for the outstanding work you did for me.  What you did was the opposite of what many family lawyers do, and what the other lawyers wanted to do with my situation.  With the letter from my son’s mom’s lawyer several months ago, they all wanted this to drag out in the legal system, it’s emotionally draining.    You with your intelligence, savvy and “academy award” winning letters resolved the matter.  I appreciate the work you did, and the integrity in dealing with me.” J. San Diego
  • “The purpose of this statement is to provide Neumann Family Law, APC with the highest of recommendations . . . we’ve had 3 different judges in the 8 years of litigation . . . I [Mother] have been awarded full custody of my child.   I retained Ms. Yelman in 1998 to represent me in a dispute regarding child custody and visitation. I have a very litigious former spouse . . . her staff is knowledgeable and kind, which is important when you are dealing with highly emotional circumstances.” S. – San Diego

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