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Families in California who are divorcing, separated, guardians or stepparents may find they require services from the DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services. This agency exists to promote good relations between parents and to help ensure the best interests of children are met. However, there sometimes are problems that arise when dealing with government agencies like this one. At Yelman & Associates, our San Diego DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services attorneys understand the types of issues and problems you may encounter. It is important to get help from experienced legal representation when child support issues are at stake.

DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services in San Diego

California Family Code in Section 17000 addresses all issues related to the DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services. The attorneys at Yelman & Associates are experienced in all aspects of child support law. They can help you move your case through the court systems, they understand local court customs and they know what child support issues exist under California Family Code law.

  • There are times when you will need qualified legal assistance to work with government agencies.
  • Our San Diego child support attorneys know what paperwork is required by agencies including the DCSS – Department of Child Support Services.
  • Our staff and attorneys work enthusiastically for you to obtain results you want in and out of the courtroom.

Family Law and DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services Cases

The California Family Code provides information in Section 17000 and rules that apply to DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services. Division 17 of the Code details information about the Department of Child Support Services, child support enforcement and complain resolution.

  • At the DCSS website, you can access your child support account and make payments. They maintain are online links to related state and federal agencies, California courts, and other organizations important to child support matters.
  • The DCSS offers many programs to support parenting skills and a program for those who wish to establish paternity.
  • All services are family-centered and designed to help families be safe and successful.
  • You can get information and forms, calculate child support, establish paternity, contact local agency, request public records, report fraud, contact DCSS, and find DCSS job vacancies.

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Dealing with the DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services can present occasional problems. If you need help with this agency, call the caring DCSS – Dept of Child Support Services attorneys at Yelman & Associates today to arrange for your free telephone consultation: (619) 282-1107 or (760) 480-8400.

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