Sara Neumann

Sara Neumann


born San Bernardino, California
admitted to bar, 1997, California
1998, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
Divorce Lawyer and Certified Family Law Specialist 
State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization


Sara Neumann nominated as a semi-finalist for San Diego County Top Attorneys for 2009 with the San Diego Daily Transcript.

Sara Neumann nominated as a semi-finalist for San Diego County Top Attorneys for 2010 with the San Diego Daily Transcript.


University of California, San Diego (B.A., 1993)
Southwestern University School of Law (J.D., 1997)


Association of Certified Family Law Specialists since 2008
Bar Association of Northern San Diego County
San Diego County Bar Association
American Bar Association
State Bar of California
Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles

Practice Areas

Family Law; Divorce; Annulments; Legal Separation; Paternity; Child Custody; Visitation Rights; Child Support; Spousal Support; Asset Division; Step Parent Adoptions; Adoption; Enforcement of Judgments, Modifications; Guardianships; Restraining Orders.


My wife and I would like to say thank you for the outstanding work you did for us. Words cannot give our appreciation justice. You and your assistants were superbly efficient and professional. Your foresight on all matters on our case was truly remarkable. Your service and knowledge was second to none and you made the process very easy to deal with when we were nervous and anxious. It goes without saying that we will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises that we should need any legal assistance again. We will proudly recommend you and your firm to anyone we know who may be in need of legal assistance. Once again our heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

San Diego, CA

I am thankful to have the opportunity to tell others what a competent attorney Sara Neumann is. Ms. Neumann met with me regarding a very difficult custody schedule that was hurtful to my son. She listened to all the details of the case which had been going on for several years and involved international travel and custody schedules between states. I left her office feeling extremely confident that I had chosen the right attorney for the job. She understood the situation from the start and she worked hard to accomplish the goal. She was always responsive to me by telephone or email and she knew the right people in the field. My son has a much better schedule now and a more positive outlook on life. I feel confident knowing that Ms. Neumann will be right there if I need her again.

La Jolla, CA

My ex-wife and I divorced about 4 years ago and moved away to another county, the verbal agreement that she and I had was that the kids would come and live with me once my oldest was ready for Middle School. Long story short, she conveniently forgot about the agreement. Sara Neumann was referred to me as an amazing attorney, after consulting with her over the phone I knew that I had to meet with her. After meeting with Sara I felt confident that she was the attorney that I wanted to represent me. She was really easy to talk to and down to earth. She made me feel like I was talking to a friend. I had many concerns regarding this sensitive case. First of all my children have always been with their Mother since we divorced upon mutual agreement. She had them during the school week and I had them every weekend and holidays. I now wanted my children to live with me during the school week so that I could help them with their homework and extra-curricular activities. I was concerned being a Father that the court would not want to place the children in my care and leave the children with their Mother. Sara reassured me that the court system has changed and Fathers rights are really taken into consideration. We met with her in October, filed paper work in November, had a court hearing set for January, and by June after a difficult fight I was able to have my children during the school week. I truly believe to this day that because of Sara’s expertise, knowledge and patience I was able to get what I requested. I will continue to use Sara Neumann as my attorney and highly recommend her. She will fight for your children.

San Diego, CA

Sara Neumann is the first Attorney that actually “got it.” She understands the nuances of my situation and I feel like she cares. My post-divorce life would have had far less issues if Ms. Neumann had been my Attorney from the beginning. I am very happy with the service and representation I received with Yelman & Associates.

Escondido, CA

Dealing with Family Law issues by yourself can be intimidating and confusing. It is great to know that Yelman & Associates has staff that is knowledgeable and commits the necessary resources to help guide Fathers through the process. I worked with Sara Neumann from Yelman & Associates diligently for 6 months and achieved results that far exceeded my expectations. Her staff provided excellent support service as well. I would highly recommend Yelman & Associates to anyone looking for a quality attorney that is dependable.

Chula Vista, CA

Sara Neumann handled my case in a very professional and competent manner. It is very comforting to have an attorney whom you can trust during what are typically very difficult and emotional draining issues. Ms. Neumann listened to my desires and was understanding as to the direction I wanted to take things. Her knowledge of family law and her negotiations with the opposing party were clear and effective. My divorce was ugly, to say the least, and the end result with child custody and the financial settlement was more than reasonable under the circumstances. I was highly satisfied with the result. I have referred several friends to Ms. Neumann, all of whom have been pleased with her service.

San Diego, CA

I was married for eight years and with the woman I divorced for 12. After being with someone for such a lengthy period of time, a person thinks and wants to believe he really knew the person he was with. As our separation and divorce progressed through the normal processes; counseling, divorce books and articles, arguing, anger, resentment, and eventually, choosing a lawyer, I made it perfectly clear to my ex-wife, that I didn’t need a lawyer and that I didn’t want our marriage to end up like so many others. I told her that I trusted her and that I only wanted to do my part and help provide for our two young children. I told her that we could use her lawyer to help mediate our divorce, so we could avoid the huge costs associated with two attorneys and court. She agreed and told me she would have her lawyer draw up a marital settlement agreement. Upon receiving the initial copy, I had quite a few questions, having never been exposed to such a document. Even after speaking with my ex-wife’s attorney, I still wasn’t clear and was a little confused about the dollar amount that I was being asked to pay for alimony and child support. I mentioned this to my ex-wife and she reassured me that she wasn’t going to ask for anything more than what she needed, and that I could still trust her. Nonetheless, I still asked her attorney to make a few changes and then I would consider agreeing to the document. Her attorney agreed, and also asked me to consider selling our house to my ex-wife. I told her that I would consider it. The dollar amount that she offered seemed very low, so I visited a financial advisor. After visiting the advisor, I began to think that maybe I should consider getting my own attorney, but again, I believed in my wife and didn’t think she would try and take advantage of me. I told my ex-wife’s attorney that I would agree to the sale, but increased the amount I would accept. My ex-wife agreed and her attorney drew up the paper work. Her legal assistant recommended that I have an attorney look it over and sign off on it prior to me signing and returning it. This is when I contacted Sara Neumann at Yelman and Associates. Sara reviewed the document, told me that she could sign it and all would be done, but then she threw in the “but…” She told me that she thought the MSA was inappropriate and that my ex-wife’s attorney left much of it unclear. She also told me that she could represent me and add clarity to the document, while making it fair for both of us. After having many sleepless nights and a constant ache in my stomach, thinking I might be making a mistake trusting my ex-wife and having that verified by an expert, I chose to have Yelman and Associates represent me. Ms. Neumann began representing me in July, and I was divorced by the end of August, which was something my ex-wife’s lawyer couldn’t get done in the previous 9 months. I’m not sure that anyone really wins in a divorce, especially when there are children involved, but I get to see my kids quite often, and I am still able to financially support myself, while providing for them. This is something I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t utilize Yelman and Associates services. Ms. Neumann advised and represented me in a professional manner, yet with a personal touch. I walked away from a very emotional scenario feeling that I had the best representation possible.

Capitola, CA

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