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California partners who are not married may opt to establish a legal domestic partnership to protect their rights and reinforce their commitment to each other. At Neumann Family Law, APC, our San Diego domestic partnership attorneys understand the many reasons unmarried partners may wish to create a legal relationship as defined under the California Family Code. An official domestic partnership provides security and peace of mind for each party; it also provides legal rights to each partner, similar to that of married couples. The same confidence is extended to partners who may be in the midst of difficulties and who seek termination of their existing relationship.

San Diego Domestic Partnership

The California Family Code defines domestic partnership in Section 297. The important aspect of this law is that unmarried persons of the same sex or those over 62 of the same or opposite sex can establish that their relationship meets the criteria of this law. Entering into any type of legal relationship that involved filing documents with the State should be done with the assistance of knowledgeable legal representation. Domestic partnership attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC understand these requirements and can expedite your legal quest for recognition of or dissolution of your relationship.

  • Our legal professionals care and will work closely with you to manage your partnership.
  • The paperwork and procedures can be confusing to some; our domestic partnership attorneys are well-experienced with these procedures.
  • Our staff and attorneys are happy to work on your behalf to achieve the goals you seek, in and out of the courtroom.

How Family Law Applies to Domestic Partnership

The California Family Code provides, in Division 2.5, Sections 297–299, rules that apply to domestic partnership:

  • Adults over age 18 may establish a domestic partnership; they must be of the same sex or if one partner is over age 62 they may be opposite sex partners.
  • Partners must share the same residence and be eligible for marriage; i.e., not married to someone else or be too closely blood-related.
  • To establish a domestic partnership, a Declaration of Domestic Partnership must be filed with the Secretary of State with certain conditions previously met.
  • Each party must be capable of consenting to the relationship.
  • The Code sets rules for child custody, inheritance, anti-discrimination, partnership termination and other rights allowed.

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Domestic partnership is an important legal status that helps committed partners legitimize their relationship status. If it happens that domestic partners decide to separate, this must be done properly. Get the legal assistance you need for managivng your legal family ties. Call Neumann Family Law, APC San Diego domestic partnership attorney for an initial free telephone consultation: (619) 282-1107 or (760) 480-8400.

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