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One custody issue that can be troublesome in California is a move-away request. There are situations that occur that require a custodial parent to make a move away from the non-custodial parent. They may have a new job in another geographic area, remarry or otherwise be in a situation that calls for a move from their current location. Move-away requests can be touchy, depending upon the situation and people involved. Your Neumann Family Law, APC move-away request attorney is experienced with handling this type of problem that requires a change in an existing custody agreement. The courts do not deny a custodial parent the right to move, but they will look into reasons for the move to be sure the child’s welfare is still a top priority for parents.

Move-away Requests in San Diego

The California Family Code addresses this issue and issues procedures for modifying custody arrangements. It is recommended that you have an experienced Neumann Family Law, APC San Diego move-away request attorney assist you with making any custody agreement modifications. They understand the intricacies of the California Family Code child custody laws and how a move may be viewed by the court. It is important to know your move will not be in violation of your custody agreement, visitation orders or accessibility of the non-custodial parent to the children.

  • Your move can be made smoothly if there are no legal hurdles to overcome.
  • The court supports the best interests of the children; your attorney will stand up for your rights on all fronts to gain your move-away request.
  • Our attorneys understand the emotions of all parties when a move is imminent; planning ahead includes addressing your child custody agreement and making move-away requests when necessary.

Family Law Rules Move-away Request Cases

The California Family Code provides in Sections 7500-7507 specific rules that apply to move-away requests and certain custody controls. The courts must see that a move is substantial and necessary, not detrimental to the child and not an attempt to deny non-custodial parents visitation rights.

  • (7500-7507) Laws regarding earnings of a child, which parent may benefit from the services and earnings of their child, move-away issues, control over property, abandonment and age of majority issues.
  • (7501) Right of custodial parent to change residence of child subject to court approval.
  • Move-away concerns include distance from the non-custodial parent, ages of the children, relationships among all parties, reasons for a move and the child’s preference.
  • All approvals for move-away requests are based on continuing communications between parents and children, providing stability and continuity of the custodial relationship, and putting the best interests and needs of the child first.

Testimonial from a Client

  • “I had the pleasure of retaining Neumann Family Law, APC . . .[They] handled two very complicated cases; one being a move away order and the other an inter-state jurisdiction order.   She worked extremely hard on both of these cases not only in the courtroom but collecting all data that we needed . . .She was very thorough, always prepared to handle every aspect of the case.   I have the utmost confidence in her and would not hesitate to retain her services again or refer Neumann Family Law, APC . . .” D.W.  Las Vegas, NV

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A move-away request is an important legal procedure that allows non-custodial parents and children to remain in touch despite distance due to a move by the custodial parent. Get the legal assistance you need in a timely manner when a move is expected. Start now when you call move-away request attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC for your free telephone consultation: (619) 282-1107 or (760) 480-8400.

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