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A post-marital agreement, also known as a post-nuptial agreement, is a document that the already-married spouses agree to in order to predetermine property allocation and spousal support if the marriage ends in a divorce. The document may also establish the payment of attorney’s fees.

  • Post-marital agreements are similar to premarital agreements except that the agreement is entered into after the parties are already married.

Why Might a Couple Want a Post-Marital Agreement?

There are endless reasons why spouses might enter into a post-marital agreement:

  • The status of the relationship may have changed
  • One of the parties may be ill or terminally ill
  • Family matters may have changed for one or both spouses
  • Job status and income may have changed
  • The spouses may be planning a dissolution of marriage
  • Sound financial planning
  • Financial investments may have changed
  • Property investments may have changed
  • Couple may be moving to a non-community property state
  • Endless personal reasons

It is often considered wise to create a post-marital agreement. As the marriage progresses and the parties have a better grasp of what the future may bring, a post marital agreement may bring peace of mind and surety that otherwise would not exist. It is highly recommended to obtain the skilled and experienced legal services of a family law attorney to draft your post-marital agreement.

Post-Marital Agreements Require Skilled Craftsmanship

Both premarital and post-marital agreements must address the particular issues of the spouses. Individuals have their own reasons for creating premarital and post-marital agreements. Post-marital agreements must properly address the property that is to be divided if the marriage ends in a dissolution:

  • It is essential to pay particular attention to the details in the construction of a post-marital agreement
  • Retirement funds must be addressed
  • All investments and businesses must be properly valuated if an accurate division is to be made; these may be stipulated in the document
  • Full disclosure of all assets is required
  • Full disclosure of all income and debts is required

See your family lawyer to discuss the intricacies of your post-marital agreement. The purpose of this page is introduce the reader to the basic concept of the post-marital agreement.

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