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The child custody attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC are knowledgeable, compassionate and aggressive family lawyers who care about their clients and their clients families. You will be treated as an individual, with care and respect. We look forward to speaking with you. We are here to serve. For a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your child custody case, call (619) 282-1107. You will have the opportunity to speak to a child custody lawyer about your case and to grasp a better understanding of how to proceed in your case.

A Complimentary Phone Consultation to Discuss Child Custody Case

Virtually endless personal issues and circumstances arise in child custody matters. This is natural, seeing that the family unit is, in essence, being torn apart. Therefore, child custody matters tend to be an emotional and contested aspect in divorce proceedings, especially when both parents are close to their children or when one parent has had virtual control over the children since birth. If you are facing a custody matter, contact our San Diego child custody attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC today to arrange your complimentary phone consultation.

In custody cases, the court seeks to determine that which is in the best interests of the child. The San Diego divorce attorneys at Neumann Family Law, APC have the extensive experience, legal knowledge and courtroom skills that are absolutely required to best represent you in your child custody case. Most of all, we understand that custody issues concern your most precious and beloved children – the most important and meaningful relationships of your life. We will do everything in our power to attain a custody arrangement that you and your children are happy with, an arrangement that satisfies everyone’s desires.

Determining Legal, Physical, Sole and Joint Custody

It serves the family best when the parents create their own custody arrangements. If the parents cannot agree upon a plan, the court will make its own custody agreement determination. The court has sole discretion in matters of custody. As such, both parents are generally treated equally and custody determinations are made based upon the individual circumstances and fitness of each parent. There are four custody aspects that will ultimately be decided:

  • Legal custody – the day to day decisions of the children’s education, health and general well being
  • Physical custody – which parent the children live with
  • Sole legal custody – when one parent has the authority to make the decisions for the children’s education, health and well being
  • Joint legal custody – when both parents share the decisions related to the children’s education, health and well being

Your child custody attorney at Neumann Family Law, APC will sit down with you and help you determine these very important matters. We always make a concerted effort to avoid litigation.


  • “Through Ms. Yelman’s knowledge of family law, understanding what the judges want to hear, (we’ve had 3 different judges in the 8 years of litigation) and her organizational skills, I have been awarded full custody of my child. . . . In addition to her professionalism, she has always been very fair and cognizant of the ongoing costs. In addition, her staff is knowledgeable and kind, which is important when you are dealing with highly emotional circumstances.” S.  San Diego
  • “[Neumann Family Law, APC] were extremely helpful and effective in my custody case.  They quickly responded to my emergency situation within hours and reversed the situation heavily in my favor . . .[they] analyzed my situation, clearly laid out my options . . . and proposed a plan of action . . .I now have the arrangement that I wanted.”  D.T. San Diego

“You and your entire staff are the dream team and I am thankful for all you do!! Thanks to every one of you!!” -C.O

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