5 Steps to Prepare For a Contentious San Diego Divorce

If ending your marriage is inevitable, an ideal situation would be to have an amicable divorce for the sake of both spouses as well as children, if any. However, if you believe you are heading towards a contentious divorce, it is prudent to be well-prepared for the court proceedings. Make sure you have a dedicated family attorney in San Diego by your side to navigate successfully through the legal pitfalls in a contentious divorce.

Closely Engage with Your Lawyer and Follow their Advice

Any wrong move in a contentious divorce can put you at a disadvantage. Therefore, before making any important decision related to your current situation (such as moving out of the marital home) discuss it with your San Diego family attorney. Your legal counselor will objectively evaluate the legal consequences of your actions and advise you appropriately to your protect your as well as your children’s best interests.

Maintain Good Behavior throughout the Divorce Process

A contentious divorce means that there may be a high degree of bitterness from both sides. It is easy to get provoked in these emotional and stressful circumstances. Your divorce attorney in San Diego will advise you to be at your best behavior throughout the divorce proceedings

In addition to maintaining a calm and respectful behavior with your ex-spouse and kids, you should also be mindful of some other actions. Do not discuss your case over social media, avoid dating, partying and late nights, particularly if sensitive matters such as child custody are at stake.

Collect Maximum Possible Financial Information 

Property division is going to be a critical issue in a contentious divorce. Your family attorney in San Diego will be in the best position to help you when you work with them to put together a clear picture of your family finances. Make a list of all valuable community property assets and debts, and obtain the relevant documents related to each item.

Spousal income will become an issue when it comes to determining spousal support and child support. Gather the necessary documents that show your as well as your spouse’s income. Do not try to hide any assets or indulge in marital wastage. Close any joint accounts after you consult with your lawyer. If you don’t have credit established in your own name, it may be time to start working on it by obtaining a credit card exclusively in your name.

Protect Your Children in a Contentious Divorce

If you have children, they are going to suffer the most in a contentious divorce. You can mitigate their stress by maintaining continuous communication with them. Make them feel secure about their future and assure them that their schooling and community relationships will not be affected. 

Do not criticize your ex-spouse in front of the children, and keep their interests above your own. Discuss with your San Diego family attorney to prepare a robust legal strategy related to child custody and parenting plans.

Choose an Experienced Divorce Attorney in San Diego  

When a contentious divorce is unavoidable, your best bet is to hire the services of a leading family attorney in San Diego with decades of experience in handling these cases. Our legal team at Neumann Family Law, APC is highly competent in litigating divorce cases before a judge. To schedule a complimentary phone consultation, call us today at (619) 282-1107

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