3 Tips For Men Facing a California Divorce

Men often worry in a divorce whether the law protects fathers’ rights in California on par with the mother. But the truth is that stereotypes such as a man is the primary earning member of the family while a woman provides care and attention to the children are no longer relevant. California family law courts make no gender-based distinctions in matters related to divorce, child custody, spousal support or child support.

However, it is still important to vigorously protect a father’s rights in a divorce case that involves children in California. A dedicated divorce lawyer in San Diego will understand your concerns as a father and will help you navigate the legal process in the best possible way. Here are a few proven tips that will give you an edge when you are facing a divorce case. 

Consult with a Divorce Attorney at the Earliest Opportunity

Whether you are contemplating divorce or have filed divorce papers already, or have been served papers by your spouse, your first step should be to have a strong divorce lawyer in San Diego by your side. Choose a lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of fathers’ rights in California and has successfully represented men or fathers in past divorce cases. 

Do not sign any documents or agreement with the other party until it has been reviewed by your lawyer. Follow the lawyer’s advice on other urgent matters, such as closing a joint bank account, changing a power of attorney, or executing a new will. If your house is community property, do not move out, without advice of counsel if possible. Get advice from your lawyer before making any such move. 

Prioritize Your Requirements Ahead of Time

If children are involved in your divorce, you need to carefully consider your priorities. Do you wish to have joint physical custody or would you prefer your child to spend more time with the other co-parent, while you get joint legal custody.  Discuss this issue with your lawyer so that they can start working on an appropriate legal strategy for the protection of your fathers’ rights California.

Similarly, you can consider in advance issues related to your property division. Who should keep the house, what about any business assets, are there any debts and liabilities to be settled, and do you have any special preference to retain any particular assets, such as cars, jewelry, art, or another item. 

Thinking through these aspects ahead of time will make your divorce process swifter and will help you achieve better results through negotiation with your former spouse.

Gather Financial Documents and Prepare Systematic Records

California is a community property state, and every asset that you or your spouse acquired after marriage likely belongs to the community. You need to carefully account for all community property and separate property. Obtain copies of title and deeds to determine ownership. 

Arrange for the copies of your salary slips, bank statements, credit card statements, stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, investments, and any offshore accounts. If you have a business, arrange to obtain the financial statements related to it.

Legal Help from an Experienced Divorce Lawyer San Diego

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