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Tara Yelman


born New York, New York
admitted to bar, 1995, California and U.S.
Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

San Diego Divorce Attorney

Tara Yelman nominated as a semi-finalist for San Diego County Top Attorneys for 2008 with the San Diego Daily Transcript.

Tara Yelman nominated as a semi-finalist for San Diego County Top Attorneys for 2009 with the San Diego Daily Transcript.

Tara Yelman nominated as a semi-finalist for San Diego County Top Attorneys for 2010 with the San Diego Daily Transcript.


University of Florida (B.A.)
California Western School of Law (J.D., 1994)


San Diego County Bar Association (Family Law Section)
California State Bar

Practice Areas

Family Law; Divorce; Child Custody; Visitation Rights; Child Support; Spousal Support; Property Division; Premarital Agreements; Postnuptial Agreements; Interstate Child Custody.


When going through such a difficult divorce it was extremely important for me to have the right person on my team.  That person was Tara Yelman.  Tara actually listened to me and fought for what I wanted and what was important to me.  She knows the law very well and was always professional, organized and tenacious in the courtroom.  She always responded to my calls very quickly and has a remarkable memory.  I am extremely grateful for everything that Tara and her staff have done for me.  I trust her completely and there is no one I would rather have in my corner during this battle.

San Diego, CA

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the representation that you provided me with during my divorce proceedings. In my experience, what sets you apart is that you clearly put your heart into your work. Your advice was excellent and you were always there for me. You returned phone calls and emails promptly, even on weekends. My case required a tremendous last minute effort over a holiday weekend and you went above and beyond the call of duty to attend to it. This was instrumental in helping me reach a fair settlement. I thank-you from the bottom from my heart.

San Diego, CA

I was extremely fortunate to secure the services of Tara Yelman and her team of associates in addressing my ongoing legal needs in matters of custodial time, child support, and other related post-divorce concerns. Tara was tremendously professional, incredibly efficient with her time, and achieved excellent results. She was able to uncover errors in custodial time calculations made in a previous judgment, and was able to craft compelling arguments to support an appropriate child support level. I had the privilege to observe her present my case before the judge and her command of the law and ability to present the information was phenomenal. I have now been divorced 5 years, and I was operating under the misconception that once the divorce was final that my needs for legal services would be at an end. I am tremendously grateful that I have found a law firm that I can trust and rely on for my future representation needs. Yelman and Associates represents a fantastic value and I would recommend their services to anyone needing legal representation in a divorce.

San Diego, CA

“Thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. What you did was the opposite of what many family lawyers do, and what the other lawyers wanted to do with my situation. With the letter from my son’s mom’s lawyer several months ago, they all wanted this to drag out in the legal system, it’s emotionally draining. You with your intelligence, savvy and “academy award” winning letters resolved the matter. I appreciate the work you did, and the integrity in dealing with me.”

San Diego, CA

Tara Yelman is a Godsend. I had been representing myself in my child support case and was so frustrated with the entire process that I decided to hire an attorney. My ex, a practicing attorney, owed years of child support and dragged the case out for over a year by asking for continuances. With Ms. Yelman’s help, the continuances stopped and at the first court hearing I was awarded 100% of the unpaid child support. Ms. Yelman and her staff were amazing. They worked as a team to make sure we were prepared for the court hearing. They know the law and are very professional. They did such a great job that I have retained them to represent me in my next case. She came highly recommended to me and I am so grateful she was on my side in court.

Encinitas, CA

I am extremely appreciative for all you have done and continue to do for me. I truly believe someone was looking out for me when I found you to represent me at that horrific time in my life. You were with me every step of the way. I consider myself blessed. You and you entire staff are the dream team and I am thankful for all you do!! Thanks to every one of you!!

San Diego, CA

Tara Yelman and her staff were extremely helpful and effective in my custody case. They quickly responded to my emergency situation within hours and reversed the situation heavily in my favor. Ms Yelman and I worked closely as a team; this gave me the knowledge and the confidence to move forward and accomplish my goals in this case. In the beginning, I was not knowledgeable of the intricacies of family law and was confused regarding my rights and what the recommended courses of action were. Yelman & Associates closely analyzed my situation, clearly laid out my options, provided her recommendation, and proposed a plan of action. Going into my mediation session, Ms. Yelman provided me excellent advice, talking points, and coaching; these were effective in getting the settlement that I wanted. Ms. Yelman’s tenacity, diligence, and cooperative approach are the main reasons why I now have the arrangement that I wanted.

San Diego, CA

I had the pleasure of retaining Yelman & Associates twice since 1995 to represent me. Ms. Yelman handled two very complicated cases; one being a move away order and the other an inter-state jurisdiction order. She worked extremely hard on both of these cases not only in the courtroom but collecting all data that we needed. She relieved me of any anxiety or worry. Ms. Yelman or her staff always returned my phone calls in a timely manner and kept me in the loop at all times. She was very thorough, always prepared to handle every aspect of the case. I have the utmost confidence in her and would not hesitate to retain her services again or refer Yelman & Associates to anyone who needs bright, perceptive and knowledgeable representation!

Las Vegas, NV

I was in the middle of an extremely contentious divorce, which had been going on for two and a half years with no end in sight. I felt as if my attorney was not working with my best interest in mind. I had spent several thousand dollars and was no closer to resolving my divorce that the day the initial papers were filed. Finally, I spoke with an acquaintance (who is also an attorney) and she recommended Tara Yelman. She told me that if she was in my situation, there was no one else she would want to represent her. I took her advice and immediately realized it was one of the best moves I could have made. Although this divorce had been going on for years, it didn’t take Ms. Yelman very long to get caught up on the case. Thanks to her, things immediately began to progress throughout the court system. Her entire staff seemed to be up to date on my case. I was able to call anyone in the office and they could update me on the progress of my case. Tara fought for me and my children, but remained ethical throughout the process. She was very upfront with me about what I could expect in the process, what outcomes I could expect, and how much it would cost. Although I never plan to be in this situation again, I would recommend Yelman & Associates to anyone going through a divorce. Of the many lawyers I have encountered within the courthouse through the 3 years it took to finalize my divorce, I find Tara Yelman to be one of the most competent, intelligent, and genuinely caring attorneys that you can encounter.

Oceanside, CA

Ms. Yelman, I want to give you my heart-felt thanks for all the help you gave me throughout my restraining order/ divorce ordeal. Your competency seemed to be head and shoulders above any other lawyers I have worked with. Your referral to another attorney on another matter was perfect. I know I have been well served by you and your staff. Thanks for taking such personal interest in my case. It has been a tremendous pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Oceanside, CA

The purpose of this statement is to provide Yelman and Associates with the highest of recommendations in Family law and related cases. Through Ms. Yelman’s knowledge of family law, understanding what the Judges want to hear, (we’ve had 3 different judges in the 8 years of litigation) and her organizational skills, I have been awarded full custody of my child. I retained Ms.Yelman in 1998 to represent me in a dispute regarding child custody and visitation. I have a very litigious former spouse and Ms. Yelman is still representing me to date. In addition to her professionalism, she has always been very fair and cognizant of the ongoing costs. In addition, her staff is knowledgeable and kind, which is important when you are dealing with highly emotional circumstances.

San Diego, CA

Before I retained Yelman and Associates I was lost. I had been through two attorneys, and felt lost and alone in every matter I had gone through. I needed someone that could stand up for me and keep me aware of everything going on. I needed a powerhouse in my corner. From the moment I retained Ms. Yelman she was able to straighten out the mess I was in, and advise with the confidence and comfort that I needed. The true test was when we into court. I must admit that after my previous court experiences I was scared. From the moment we went into court she controlled the environment. She made sure that I stayed calm and she was able to meet my ex-husband and his attorney half way. When my ex-husband and his attorney tried to pull a fast one she took control and handled the situation, and even got some attorney fees paid back to me. This, as everyone knows, is nearly impossible to get. I walked out of the court room amazed with her talent and care. I felt like finally someone was solely looking out for me and had the power to do it. My only regret is that I didn’t have her from the beginning. Court and custody battles can be scary, but when you have someone that is honest with you and a staff that advises and prepares you, some of that fear can be laid to rest. Thank you Yelman and Associates for all of your help and knowledge to make this stressful time a little less painful.

Escondido, CA

I retained Yelman and Associates to represent me in a difficult child custody/visitation dispute with my former spouse. I needed competent, aggressive representation, and that is exactly what I received. Ms. Yelman was retained and immediately got up to speed on the ongoing case. She advised me of my rights and the ramifications, both positive and negative, of moving forward with different strategies in my matter. I was kept up to date on the progress of my case and found Ms. Yelman’s staff to be very responsive to my calls and questions. The documents submitted to the Court were well written, outlining my position, and Ms. Yelman was articulate when stating my position to the Court officials involved in my case. I was very happy with the representation received and would not hesitate to recommend this firm.

San Diego, CA

Ms. Yelman. Please accept my genuine appreciation for the attention and expertise that you have devoted to my family law case. You and your staff were extremely responsive and sensitive to the complex requirements of my case. Although family law cases can be difficult and emotionally draining, my experience with your office was always positive and very educational. You were instrumental in helping me stay focused on the important issues of my case and I was equally impressed with your pre-trial preparation and courtroom execution. I am exceedingly pleased with the results that you achieved and I am happy to say that your diligent efforts on my behalf will benefit my family not only now but in the immediate and long term future. Initially I was very selective when choosing an attorney to represent me and I realize now how important that decision really was. Thank you again for providing invaluable service and helping me effectively cope with a complicated legal and emotionally trying experience.

San Diego, CA

Six months after my husband turned 50, he told me he wanted a divorce! It totally shocked me because there had been no evidence of unhappiness with our marriage. Needless to say, I was devastated. Given our 21 year marriage, I didn’t accept his idea of going to mediation without legal representation. I spoke with 3 attorneys but couldn’t see myself working with them. Feeling very lost and discouraged, my friend suggested that I call Tara Yelman. Her referral was based on the successful, positive experience of 2 other friends. So I made the call and Tara took my call immediately. From that moment on Tara has been a blessing in my life! She has taken me through the process step by step, each time explaining my choices – the possible outcome and cost. Tara and her staff have worked really hard for me. She really impressed me when she took all my husband’s financials and went through each deposit and expense. In the end, she discovered that he had been spending thousands of dollars a month for the past couple of years just on himself! No wonder we didn’t have any money!! If she had not been so thorough, the judge would have had no choice but to use my husband’s very distorted monthly income to establish my spousal support. I have every confidence in Tara’s ability to represent me in any situation because I trust her. She has integrity and is the most ethical attorney I have ever worked with. She listens with a caring heart so I know she understands what I want and need. She has a very knowledgeable, hard-working staff. I always felt like part of a team and that team was working for my best interest. I would highly recommend and have already recommended Tara Yelman to anyone who is looking for a very bright, competent,, knowledgeable, perceptive, experienced attorney. As you can see, I can’t say enough good things about Tara Yelman & Associates!

San Diego, CA

We have been battling this child custody case for 8 plus years with thousands of dollars in expense. We have had 4 other attorneys. The other 4 attorneys just did their jobs with minimal results. We were tired of getting lip service and to quote other attorneys, one said “lets cross our fingers and hope for the best.” Another said “just talk to my secretaries and they will take care of you.” We could never get in touch with them. When we hired Yelman & Associates, we were excited by your willingness to serve us in a personal way, and to make an understatement, you went above and beyond the call. You were experienced, clever and did your homework when presenting our case. You always made time for us even when you were swamped in your busy schedule. You researched and obtained more in court than what we asked for and we won, won won. A million Thanks. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts and God Bless you in your ventures. UCCJEA Case.

Castroville, TX

I could write volumes about the highly professional service provided by the Yelman law firm in my divorce. I will be direct: the firm was not my first choice. I began the process with another firm that simply did not perform. Details had not been handled initially, but Tara Yelman and her staff took over, very quickly fixed all the deficiencies and handled a very complicated case with a relentless precision that brought the case to what I believe was a very fair settlement without a costly trial. Tara Yelman herself possesses an incredible energy in her approach, as I witnessed at each step in hearings, filings and organization. Different phases of my case were delegated to other attorneys and staff members and they all did great jobs. The firm was always responsive to any concerns I had.

San Diego, CA

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