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“I was married for eight years and with the woman I divorced for 12. After being with someone for such a lengthy period of time, a person thinks and wants to believe he really knew the person he was with. I made it perfectly clear to my ex-wife, that I didn’t need a lawyer and that I didn’t want our marriage to end up like so many others. I told her that I trusted her and that I only wanted to do my part and help provide for our two young children. I told her that we could use her lawyer to help mediate our divorce, so we could avoid the huge costs associated with two attorneys and court. Her legal assistant recommended that I have an attorney look it over and sign off on it prior to me signing and returning it. This is when I contacted Sara Neumann, Sara reviewed the document, told me that she could sign it and all would be done, but then she threw in the “but…” She told me that she thought the MSA was inappropriate and that my ex-wife’s attorney left much of it unclear. She also told me that she could represent me and add clarity to the document, while making it fair for both of us. After having many sleepless nights and a constant ache in my stomach, thinking I might be making a mistake trusting my ex-wife and having that verified by an expert, I chose to have Ms. Neumann represent me. Ms. Neumann advised and represented me in a professional manner, yet with a personal touch. I walked away from a very emotional scenario feeling that I had the best representation possible”

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Best Divorce Lawyers in Poway

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