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If both parties are in agreement on all issues regarding child custody and visitation; child and spousal support; and asset/debt division then Husband and Wife can complete an uncontested divorce without ever having to appear in Court.

The benefit of completing an uncontested divorce are (1) Financial – there are SIGNIFICANT savings in negotiating versus litigating; and (2) Emotional – many couples who complete uncontested divorces are more satisfied with the outcome than if they had litigated the matter. They have had more control over the process and prefer negotiating their differences versus having a court decide the issues for them.

An uncontested divorce can be achieved by having the issues mediated or you can come to an agreement between yourselves.

In an effort to provide the community with an affordable uncontested divorce, Neumann Family Law, APC offer the following services for one low fee (filing fees are not included in this flat fee):

  • A. Preparation of ALL documents for BOTH sides for an uncontested divorce;
  • B. One hour meeting with an attorney for guidance on specific issues regarding custody, visitation, support and asset/debt division;
  • C. Filing of all papers with the Court;
  • D. Preparation of a full Marital Settlement Agreement outlining each parties’ rights and responsibilities;
  • E. One meeting to review Marital Settlement Agreement and notarization of documents.

In providing these services, Neumann Family Law, APC acts as a neutral third party and does not represent either side. Both parties may desire to take the draft agreement to an attorney of their choosing to determine if they are getting a “fair” deal. If you are located in San Diego County, please call Neumann Family Law, APC family law attorneys in San Diego at 619-282-1107 for further information or to retain our firm for your uncontested divorce. Please advise the attorney you speak with initially that you are interested in an uncontested divorce.

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