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How to Present Income to the Court When Getting Divorced

financial declaration

By now, you have probably accepted that you’re getting divorced. You may have even come to terms with the fact that you’ll have to share once-private aspects of your life with the court. What’s harder to fathom is how to make the proper financial declarations – and split your Read more »

Before Moving Children Out of State During or After a Divorce, Be Aware of the Following

moving child out of state after divorce

  After separating from your former spouse, you’re ready for a fresh start. Unfortunately, moving out of state after a divorce isn’t always straightforward: Your former spouse may have abandoned the right to intervene in your personal life, but they can still affect the choices you make about the Read more »

Three Benefits You Can Expect From Finding the Right Law Firm

finding the right law firm

  You would never take an exam without studying, and you wouldn’t even dream about tackling a marathon without training, so why should you risk your future by confronting a legal challenge without knowing how to pick the right law firm? Finding the right law firm is about more Read more »

What C-Suite Executives Need to Know About Divorce

divorce for C-Suite executives

  Occupying the corporate C-level grants you access to a highly unique lifestyle. It also comes with some unexpected personal relationship challenges. No matter how well you think you have things figured out, your divorce could take a far different form than what you might expect. How will your Read more »

Demystifying Your Divorce: Dividing Stock Rights

dividing stock options during divorce

  It should come as no surprise that stock rights earned during the marriage will be subject to division upon divorce. Here are some basic principles related to your dissolution proceeding you should consider.  The Marital Property Landscape: What Needs Splitting? California law recognizes multiple forms of shared marital Read more »

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