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How Does a Divorce Affect My Investments?

dividing investments divorce

Many couples work hard to achieve financial goals. Buying homes, investing for retirement, saving for a wish list item, and creating a rainy-day fund are all substantial investments during a marriage. However, when facing a divorce, assets will be at the center of the discussion. One of the main Read more »

Divorce Considerations for the High-Income Individual in Coronado, California

high income divorce in coronado

Coronado, California, is a resort city in San Diego County that many people mistake for an island. Fittingly meaning “the crowned one,” Coronado’s median home price is $1.8 million, and most families make over $100,000 a year. These numbers alone provide some perspective on how problematic it can be Read more »

Disclosing Your Income During Divorce: What You Have To, What You Don’t Have To

disclosing income divorce

During a divorce, you and your spouse must make financial disclosures.  This written document will include information about both parties’ income, expenses, financial investments, debts, assets, etc. If you have a prenuptial or a postnuptial agreement, you will also include that in your divorce disclosure of assets.  In California, Read more »

Divorce in Rancho Santa Fe, California: A Relevant Guide

divorce rancho santa fe

Rancho Santa Fe is a favorite spot for celebrities and one of the best places to live in California, but it’s also one of the most difficult locations for going through a divorce. Due to the complexity of this situation, a Rancho Santa Fe divorce attorney is an absolute Read more »

California Divorce Law: Differences From Other States

california divorce law

Divorce law in California is a little bit different than in other states. Each state has its ins-and-outs, so, for example, if you’re getting a divorce in La Jolla, California, you should get in contact with local  La Jolla divorce attorneys to get the best possible advice. La Jolla Read more »

Asset Protection in California: Protect Yourself Before The Divorce, Not After

asset protection in california

You should always be as prepared as possible for any problem that might arise before it happens, which includes having an exit strategy that leaves your assets protected. The higher the value of your assets, the more important this becomes, even if you are not contemplating a divorce. The Read more »

Divorce for Business Owners 101: Everything You Need to Know

divorce for business owners

Dividing a business in a divorce is a complicated task; there are many things you and your spouse should consider. California is a community property state, which means that when a couple divorces, all community assets will be divided in half. A business is an asset so this leads Read more »

What to Expect When Getting Divorced in Coronado, California

getting divorced in coronado

What makes a divorce successful? Although achieving a healthier mental state is certainly a major component, your emotional wellbeing is only half the struggle. Your financial future deserves no less consideration, and it’s far too easy to lose sight of the complex economic realities. Unfortunately, they don’t hand out Read more »

Five Smart Ways to Protect Your Finances While Getting Divorced

protect finances during divorce

When you get divorced, it’s only natural to want to protect your assets. Unfortunately, many of the  “solutions” online are risky and could have negative legal consequences in your divorce. If you’re serious about learning how to protect yourself while getting divorced, consider these tips from actual attorneys. Be Read more »

What to Do if You Own a Business and Are Getting Divorced

how are business assets divided in divorce

When you’ve worked hard to acquire a stake in a functional enterprise, going through a marital separation can seem like taking two steps backward. In reality, however, this stigma doesn’t accurately describe the divorce process — your experience is often a reflection of your ability to plan ahead. What Read more »


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