Sara Neumann Is An Amazing Attorney

“My divorce was unusual . . . Sara’s understanding of California law and her exceptional courtroom skills resulted in the court setting the separation year as the time we started living in separate rooms instead of they year I filed for divorce. That determination was critical and resulted in a much more favorable financial settlement for me. Just recently I reached retirement age. I was concerned that I would have to delay my retirement due to the monthly spousal support I was paying. I called Sara and asked if there was any way the monthly support could be reduced. Once again her grasp of California law was evident as she walked me through the process of how spousal support at the time of retirement worked, and how she would be able to petition the court to eliminate my monthly support payment. As expected, my ex-wife brought in her own attorney to fight my petition. Sara fought hard for me during the discovery phase of the case in limiting what was appropriate to turnover and what was off limits. When we went to court my ex-wife and opposing counsel tried to re-litigate the original divorce case, but Sara was relentless in reining them in and sticking to the facts of the original settlement and California law. At the end of the day Sara was able to get my monthly spousal support completely eliminated. Sara Neumann is an amazing lawyer.”

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