Sara Neumann Gave Me My Life Back With Her Tenacity And Skill

“There are simply not enough words to express my indebtedness to Sara Neumann for giving me my life back. As a mother and a nurse, my life exists to take care of others. “Thank you” seems incomplete or too simplified in an attempt to express my heartfelt gratitude for Sara’s skill in taking care of me and my daughters. I absolutely felt safe and protected for the first time in years. From the moment we met to confer in regards to my high conflict custody case, I felt Ms. Neumann truly heard me and understood the obstacles I was facing in a case that had been in and out of the court system for years. Ms. Neumann’s expertise and respected reputation was evident in how she was received by her peers and ultimately our judge as well. She is an honest and thoughtful lawyer who gave everything in her power to do what was best for me and in this case, my children as well. She was able to completely turn around the manufactured image of me that had been created and presented to the court system by my ex-husband . . . The court FINALLY saw the whole truth and ruled accordingly. Sara MADE the court hear the truth because of her tenacity and penchant for the truth! . . .”

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